About us

XR Effect Foundation is a not for profit Foundation ruling under Dutch law. It initiates and supports research projects by connecting suitable partners, managing projects and helping to apply for subsidies and grants.



Create awareness and trust in XR training so emergency responders can be prepared for all possible challenges that they might face. 


Stimulate research by a collaboration of three different sectors. Initiate as many projects with different partners and make the research papers available for everyone.  

The Board

Dr. Vitor Manuel Reis

Vitor Reis is the representative board member for the End-User Training Organisations. He is also the president of the National School of Fire Fighting Portugal. 

Prof. Dr. Ilona Heldal

Ilona Heldal is the representative board member for the Research Organisation. She is a professor at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and has done research on the effectiveness of VR training equipment. 

Martijn Boosman, MSc.

Martijn Boosman is the representative board member for the Industry Partners. He is the founder of a couple of companies in the field of simulation training. He also worked for about X years in the VR emergency responder sector.

Daily management

Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark, PhD Candidate

Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark is the Executive Director of the foundation. She supports people in setting up research projects and guides them during the projects.

Roy Schoonwater BsC.

Roy Schoonwater is the Management Support Officer of the foundation. He takes care of everyday administration and other tasks that the foundation executes.


The triple helix collaboration was created by Ilona Heldal, Martijn Boosman and Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark during a research that was done. Martijn Boosman delivered the equipment that was necessary for the research which was executed by Ilona Heldal and Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark. The collaboration worked well and they saw that all parties benefited from the collaboration. They then decided to take this a step further and founded XR Effect.