This is the news page of the XR Effect Foundation. Here the latest news about the foundation is shared with you.

First XR Effect Symposium  

 The first XR Effect Symposium was a success! There were some great presentations about finished, ongoing, and future XR Effect projects. People had the chance to meet each other and there were some good conversations about projects and ideas. Did you miss the symposium? No worries because you can watch it here!

XR Effect Symposium  

We are working on organising a symposium for all partners to present their ideas, research and organisation. This will be an opportunity for all of you to meet other partners and discuss collaborations. The symposium will be on the 3rd of June and further information can be found here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  

The foundation wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope to support a lot of effectiveness-validating studies this year.

The foundation is officially established  

The foundation has officially been registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce! That means that we are an official non-profit legal entity and can now help to apply for grants and subsidies.

Publication about XR Effect in the Emergency Services Times (EST) magazine 

There has been a publication about the foundation and its goals! Check out the EST magazine of December 2021.
You can click here to go to the website

Foundation has been set up at the notary

The notarial deed has been established! The notary will now go to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and then we will be officially a non-profit foundation ruling under the Dutch Law. We expect to have fully set up the foundation at the beginning of next year.

We will present on ITEC 2022

The end-user representative board member Vitor Reis and the Management Support Officer Roy Schoonwater will be speaking about the XR Effect foundation on ITEC 2022 in London! We will be talking about the mission and goals of the foundation. We hope to see you there!