Industry Partners

An industry partner can be an XR training equipment manufacturer or a supply channel partner. Becoming an industry partner has many benefits. Some of those benefits are listed below.


Show your belief and involvement in research

By becoming an Industry Partner of XR Effect, you show your belief and involvement in the research that will be done with your equipment. This shows your customers that you are willing to validate your equipment and therefore create transparency. 

You help achieve validation of your products

The research that will be done with your equipment validates its effectiveness. This shows your customers that your products are an effective way to train their trainees. 

Have new products tested before the official release 

By lending out your equipment, you can send a questionnaire to the end-users to ask them about their experience. This way, you receive feedback before an official release. 

Current Industry Partners

FLAIM Systems Pty Ltd

FLAIM is the Australian equipment manufacturer of the FLAIM Exthinguiser and FLAIM Trainer. They create realistic simulations to prepare firefighters for a diversity of scenario's


Skillster is a Swedish driving simulator that allows users to drive in 20 different vehicles. They offer different exercises to do in a realistic environment. 

XR Support Center Europe

XR Support Center is the European distributor of multiple XR skills training equipment in different emergency management skills training simulations.

Trifire ApS

Trifire is a Danish distributor of multiple firefighters skills training equipment. It sells simulation equipment as well as physical training equipment.

CoNet GmbH

CoNet is a Swiss company that provides IT services for emergency management throughout Switzerland. They not only offer standard offers, but also tailored solutions

MMF France

MMF is a French distributor.

Their products have been carefully chosen for their quality and reliability among
best French and international manufacturers, in their specialty. 

Mandala Cyber Hub

Mandala Cyber Hub is a Brazilian distributor of firefighting simulation software and hardware. Through partnerships with international companies that lead their markets, we seek to offer a differential for the Brazilian and Latin American markets. 

Uğur Sağlık Teknolojileri

Uğur Sağlık provides products for hospitals, medical schools, rapid response teams, military branches and nursing, respiratory and auxiliary health programs with our software-oriented solutions in the field of end-to-end Healthcare technology. 

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